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Post by BC1096 on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:30 pm

I'm just curious if there happen to be any other fans on here of the documentary show "Forensic Files", a show which ran on Court TV from 2000 to 2007, and now reruns in syndication on HLN(Headline Network).. I really like this show, it's quite addicting.. I've always found forensic science interesting, and the show uses kind of a mystery-style approach as to who committed the crime, basically the "whodunit" approach as they call it, which I think makes it fun to watch.. And I really like the voice of Peter Thomas, the narrator, he had a good creepy voice that fit with the show perfectly, unfortunately he past away on April 30th last year Crying or Very sad

I enjoy watching Forensic Files on HLN every night, right after HA on The Splat, haha, interesting combo indeed..

Funny as I mention that, I could see Sid becoming obsessed with the show and trying to solve every single forensic crime there is and getting paranoid with it, haha, that would be hillarious Very Happy

So just curious if we have any other Forensic Files addicts on here, aand, if nobody on here has even heard of the show it's perfectly fine, I was just wondering, you never know until you post, right? Smile

Here is the official site of the show if anyone wants to read about it:

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