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Post by BC1096 on Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:23 pm

Well March is approaching, a great month for many reasons- spring starts, Daylight Savings Time comes back, it's Francesca Marie Smith's birthday month Very Happy Very Happy and, I love it because it's time for college basketball playoffs, aka MARCH MADNESS!!!!

Do we have any other college basketball fans on here? Being from the Philadelphia area, I am a hardcore Villanova Wildcats fan, I was so happy to see them win last year, they were long overdue for it! But, I pretty much support all Philly college teams.. Villanova seem to be doing good this year, would be great to see them get into the Final Four again, but only time will tell of course..

So let the March Madness discussion begin, and no insulting any teams, remember, we're all HA fans on here Very Happy

Speaking of that, I would LOVE to see a HA episode where the boarders do tournament brackets and fight over them, hahahaha, that would be hillarious, I could just see Grandpa, Ernie, Mr Wynn, and Oskar going nuts over what teams they picked Laughing

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