If YOU were to reboot Hey Arnold!...

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Post by Jfgoofy on Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:49 pm

Lowkeyangel wrote:Reviving this thread because I can lmao

I would love to see the show revamped in the 2010s without necessarily shoving it down people's throats. So things like Bob selling cellphones and updated technology wouldn't be much of a bother to me -- as long as it's not used a consistent plot device.

As far the culture and political air of the current decade goes, I would LOVE to see current ideas addressed in a digestible format for young viewers. LGTB rights, immigration, race, and just that feeling of uncertainty that comes from being raised in a turbulent environment (which could make the show more relatable to Gen Z viewers, thus creating a new generation of fans). Of course with this in mind, it's quite possible that the show would quickly become dated.

Also, I need an awkward tween HA cast. And character development. It would be nice to see characters that were often portrayed in an unsympathetic light (e.g., Stinky, Sid, Harold, and Rhonda) go through some maturation of their own. And yes, I second a more erroneous Arnold. I think if the writers accentuate his insecurities we'll be able to see more of that.

I love this idea!!! Very Happy

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If YOU were to reboot Hey Arnold!... - Page 2 Empty Re: If YOU were to reboot Hey Arnold!...

Post by phantasticphantom on Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:32 am

Hey, thanks, Jfgoofy!

I'm just going to add in some other ideas I forgot to mention in my previous post:

I think it would be apt to retcon some of the adult characters' histories, because Phil would be like 100 if we were to still use the dates provided in his backstory. Maybe instead of fighting in World War II he could've fought in Korea instead? And Martin, maybe he fought in the Gulf War instead of Vietnam?

I also like the idea of Arnold having a younger brother (idk why). I envision him to be a pollyanna of sorts -- a kid who's probably oblivious to trouble and always looks on the brighter side of things (think Greg from Over the Garden Wall). This could potentially create a wedge between Arnold and his parents (for thinking they abandoned him), and could illuminate some of his flaws.


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