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Post by sevensighs on Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:54 pm

I figured I should make my general fanfiction thread. You can find me at Apocalypticism on — fair warning, these stories are a couple years old so take them with a grain of salt tongue

The Firebird / Incomplete — An attempt at Helga/Sid, and is not very likely to be completed since I friendship them more than anything these days.
The Lord of Dogtown / Complete — A "what if" where Sid chooses Big Gino over Arnold and descends into a life of crime and debauchery. In the process of being rewritten. Not a nice story.
Save Yourself / Complete — Sid deals with depression.
Summer of Sid / Complete — My very first fumbling attempt at Sid/Stinky.

I am also trying to switch things up by having a story completely written before posting. That way I don't have to disappoint anyone if I never finish it, which is a bad habit for me when it comes to fanfiction (see the graveyard that is my page).
In Progress:
Invictus — Working title of the Lord of Dogtown rewrite. Expected word count: 60-90k. Current word count: 8k confused M rating for the trifecta of sex, drugs, and violence. Research stage (am probably on some watch list now from all the thing's I've looked up).
Dad Sid, or, Untitled — Sid becomes a teenage father and deals with the hardships and trials that come with it. Expected word count: 30-35k. Current word count: 26k. M rating for language and sexual situations. Fair warning: raw/ unedited document. No chapter breaks.
The Great Stid Chronicles, or, Untitled — A written version of Super High School Friends Sid and Stinky: they fall in love and get together. Expected word count: 50-55k. Current word count: 0. Stuck in planning stage. Will be T rating.

I would be forever grateful for your guys' help with the planning and editing of these stories — especially with Invictus and the SHSF story, their links lead to my not-very-organized planning docs. Dad Sid just needs a last few scenes and some editing/tightening up.

So that's what I've got going on right now!

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