Pick your own TJM theme song

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Pick your own TJM theme song

Post by BC1096 on Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:12 pm

Well even though it hasn't been that active on here lately I wanted to at least try this thread: Pick a song that you would like to be the theme song to The Jungle Movie (it doesn't actually have to be used in it, just a song you would personally like as the theme for it)

The song I have chosen is "Bent to Fly" by Slash and Myles Kennedy, I think the lyrics of this song are a good description of Arnold wanting to get in the plane and fly to the jungle, especially the chorus:

It's probably unlikely they would use a hard rock song as the theme for this movie, but, if it just so happens that this song IS the movie's theme, I will be very very happy Very Happy

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