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Post by Rabbit on Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:10 pm

So, I have a STRONG love for the side/background characters of Hey Arnold!

  1. Park

  1. Chocolate Boy

  1. Stoop Kid

  1. Pigeon Man

  1. Monkey Man

  1. Joey Stevenson

Just to name a few, I have more HEADCANONS for Park at the moment then I do for the other. But I know I can add to the list later.


     His birth mother was a single parents and knew her baby boy would be better off living a full life with two parents and a stable home where he could make tons of friends. He was adopted a month after he was birth, his new parents Sophia and Jacklyn went all the way to his birth place of Korea. They insured that Park would be loved and well taken care of, also making it clear that he wouldn't forget where he came off or who his birth mother was-- she writes to him every year on his birthday and holidays and the family sends her a update photo of him along with a family one.

    Sophia works at the only LGBT center in Hillwood and Jacklyn is a psychic (Not a 100% on top of this one yet)
    Park does suffer from insomnia.
    His moms' always take their son to PRIDE, they get shirts made and everything. Somethings he'll run into Eugene ( Gay ) and Sheena ( Transgirl ) Once he thought he saw Mr. Simmons and his boyfriend-- but they couldn't be sure. Helga shows up sometimes, mostly because Eugene said it would be good for her, her and Sheena talk mostly since both being transgender and all.

    //I'll add way more later, this is just something to get me started. Also you guys can add stuff to if ya' want Smile

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Side character headcanons: Empty Re: Side character headcanons:

Post by theintangiblefriends on Wed May 11, 2016 11:52 pm

I can really see all of this about Park and his family. I just really hope Park doesn't suffer from insomnia. That's shit's awful. Then again I HAVE heard that people who have trouble sleeping are really intelligent Wink.

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